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  • Strategy

    We keep our hand on the pulse of the people that make or break our brands: what they enjoy, what excites them, what leaves them cold – what makes each of them totally unique. With more brands and all information just a click away, the consumer is smart and has many choices. Everyone seeks change: here today, out of mind tomorrow. ‘Newism’ and ‘prosumer’s’ are just a few of the terms these smart users have forced marketers to create and monitor. We constantly strive to gain a deeper understanding of how they perceive a brand and interact with it. We are geared to devising strategies based on these key insights, helping us to not only talk to the consumers, but talk with them, compelling them to listen by speaking their voice, where they want to hear it. A great digital strategy should anticipate the fundamental needs and desires that drive these choices. From idea to execution, we help bringing winning strategies to life, across channels. Our strategists and planners have thorough understanding of traditional as well as digital, social, and mobile platforms.
  • Social

    It’s about brands engaging with consumers’ on the consumers’ terms – wherever and whenever the consumers choose. Consumers are making choices based on the opinions of others: peers influencing peers, friends, experts and all other people whom they trust or are within their ‘inner circle’. With more than 45 Million visitors on web properties developed by us, over 1 Million users of our solutions, and 100’s of social campaigns for our clients, we are close to the people who matter to businesses. People’s interests and behaviors are always changing. Marketing is rapidly becoming a relationship of reciprocity. You get what you give. We believe that to be successful in your business you need to be closer to the hearts of your brands audience. Brands need to be more human in their communication. Engaging social brands talk with, listen to and stay close to the users by sharing experiences and delivering value. We spark conversations between brands and people that build deeper relationships. Armed with a research team that is constantly craving to uncover new trends, consumer behavior, listening to online conversations to gain insights and how a brand is perceived, we develop communication, content and strategy, thus making your brand talk-able. Converting peers and influencers into brand advocates.
  • Digital Marketing

    With the success of multiple social platforms, to the excessive use of search engines, mobile platforms, and growing communication channels within the owned and earned segments, paid advertising has no become crucial for being truly successful. All three need to work in perfect harmony. The idea – reach the right people at the right time, and at the right place. Campaign planning needs to start from studying the digital media consumption habits of the target group, and making sure that there are enough insights that drive our plan to success. From media buying strategy, planning, execution, monitoring, right till reporting and post campaign analysis, our team keeps a close eye on the effectiveness and efficiency. The aim is to achieve the best results for our clients, every time. We do not interrupt our audience, we carefully plant interactions that help achieve engagement through strategic campaign planning, and placement, whether it be through the PPC model, display advertising, or any other format. We always keep engagement at the core.