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Data Center Services

  • Every passing day increasing the dependency on IT. Every organization needs technology to stay productive and to help your business compete. A new wave of demands for resources presses on your hierarchical IT infrastructure. HEXA-TECH can help you to manage your IT infrastructure to make efficient use of hardware and IT resources providing your business with integrated value demonstrated in lowered cost of ownership, and asset flexibility.
  • Blade server/ Blade enclosures

    If you want to do web hosting, virtualization, cluster computing etc. Blade technology will help you to optimize your working ability by minimizing the space, increasing processing power. Its modular nature makes jobs easier. It comes with the enclosure that helps server to run efficiently through controlling power, cooling and data connectivity etc functions together.
  • Rack mount server:

    While blade servers are gaining popularity, traditional rack mount servers remain the basic building blocks for today's data center. IT professionals turn to these servers to handle a variety of workloads. HEXA-TECH can help you to buy and maintain servers with reliable components availability service.
  • Tower servers

    It is cost effective solution for companies who want to less number of servers due to their less computing requirement, HEXA-TECH can help to buy and maintain your network